Meeting all Your Accessibility Requirements

Automatic door operators, also known as “barrier free operators” are becoming part of everyday life. We provide efficient installations and services of several brands of automatic door and automatic sliding door equipment.


You can trust us to provide the most appropriate equipment to automate your entrance and make your facility more accessible to the public and employees.

Automatic door operators and electronic hardware usually go hand in hand. Included in our services package, we determine what function you require and execute that functionality. We are specialists when it comes to integrating and wiring electronic door hardware for all different modes of operations. Supplying, installing, integrating and wiring of electronic hardware for all types of functionality is what we do.

It is our continual effort to work with the existing hardware; however, if it is not compatible, we can supply all hardware to maximize savings.

Automatic door operators have become a requirement for commercial openings in Ontario, this includes exterior openings, interior openings and washrooms. This has been mandated in recent amendments within The Ontario Building Code (OBC).

In addition, the Province of Ontario has assigned all commercial entrances and washrooms to be barrier free by the year 2025. Accessibility is becoming more relevant in business and facility operations. Our team maintains a continual understanding of these obligations set out by the Province. Included in our services, we provide a translation of these requirements listed in the OBC. We will provide specific insight and options to guide you through your accessibility needs.

Regardless of the size or design, we can work for you on your projects.

Competitive Prices

Our efficient team members ensure that we can offer competitive pricing. With our expert team, we stand behind our installations which eliminates the costly recurring service charge loopholes that some other companies hide behind.

Industry Experience

We have nearly two decades of experience in the automatic door, entrance, and door hardware industry. Over time we have developed relationships with manufacturers, contractors, builders, and architects. We have instilled best practices along with our certified training that enables us to work with a wide variety of leading industry hardware.

Material & Labor Guarantee

We take pride in our work. We offer some of the best material warranties in our market. We back our materials warranty with a labour guarantee.

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