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Meeting Requirements for Barrier-Free Individual Washrooms in Ontario

Barrier-Free Individual Washrooms in Ontario

The province of Ontario firmly believes that “when a society is inclusive and barrier-free, people can fully participate in their communities.” To realize this goal, Ontario is actively working towards becoming the first jurisdiction in Canada to make public washrooms restriction-free to everyone by the year 2025.

CFS Canada thoroughly understands the regulations set forth by the government and helps businesses become compliant every day.

AODA and Ontario Building Code Regulations

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was the motivation behind a number of expanded requirements in the Ontario Building Code (OBC). The code itself is lengthy and complex and includes guidelines for barrier-free and universal washrooms. The regulations apply to newly constructed buildings and those undergoing renovations that require building permits.

OBC Compliant Bathrooms

Business owners, and the builders they work with, must follow specific guidelines written into the Ontario Building Code Act. The Act specifies the number and type of accessible bathrooms required for new builds. In addition, you’ll find a list of mandatory accessories needed for universal washrooms, plus required space allotments. Specific dimensions and positioning of walls and equipment are included.

Power door activation and controls, advanced locking mechanisms, and emergency call systems are all key components to obtaining universal washrooms that comply with the OBC. CFS installs and maintains the hardware that will help you achieve accessibility compliance.

Power Operated Doors, Push Plates and Emergency Systems

To be considered universally accessible, barrier-free bathrooms are required to have:

  • A door equipped with a power operator and self-latching capabilities.
  • Electronic locking mechanisms (with emergency release functionality).
  • An emergency call system that sends visual and audio alerts within and outside the washroom when the button is pushed.
  • A sign alerting users to the presence of an emergency button.

We offer and install innovative, Canadian-made, high-quality solutions to owners and builders. You can choose from an array of easily activated push plates, automatic door operators, and emergency systems. New is an aura kit that lights up green and red, identifying if the washroom is occupied. This visual aid improves the experience for everyone, with or without a disability, using the washroom.

CFS Canada Helps You Meet Barrier-Free Bathroom Requirements

CFS believes accessibility is good for Ontario businesses and helps you meet AODA compliance requirements by offering a variety of hardware solutions.

In addition to installing and maintaining automatic door operators, hardware and emergency systems, we design, supply, install and service a wide range of automatic entrances. We can custom-fit doors and frames to any entryway and fully integrate the hardware needed to meet your unique needs.

Our skilled staff, both technical and sales, have years of field experience and are trained to answer your accessibility questions. Whenever you work with us, you’ll receive exceptional customer service from the point of inquiry through to the installation and ongoing maintenance.

Achieve Accessibility Compliance with CFS Canada

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