Burlington Ontario

CFS Canada is a Top Supplier of Automatic Door Installation, Service and Repair in Burlington, Ontario.

Burlington, a prosperous mid-sized urban hub within the Greater Toronto Area, includes a blend of homes and businesses in an attractive setting. The City of Burlington is committed to increasing and improving accessibility for all residents and visitors.

In the private sector, entrances to new commercial buildings must be equipped with automatic entrances, per the Ontario Building Code. By 2025, all commercial entrances and washrooms must be barrier-free.

CFS Canada is a leading local provider of automatic doors, automatic sliding doors, and related electronic equipment in Burlington.

You can simplify your project by using us as your one-stop vendor. We not only supply and install automatic entrances, but also manufacture, wire, integrate, and maintain them. If your building poses architectural challenges, feel free to request our custom design service.

Our Hamilton facility is conveniently close to Burlington. Let’s arrange a meeting, whether face to face or remotely, to talk about your automatic entrance needs. Whatever the size of your project,we are prepared to tackle the job.

Burlington Ontario

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Burlington Services

Automated Sliding and Swinging Door Options

Accessibility is the goal. However, you also want the entrance to your business premises to be welcoming and professional. Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice any of these functions. Choose the CFS Canada automated sliding or swinging door that suits your purposes.


An automated swinging door offers convenience and budgetary savings. Almost any standard door can be transformed into an accessible swinging entrance by adding the right automatic door operator. On the other hand, automatic sliding door installation tends to be preferable for busier enterprises because it has the flexibility to accommodate a heavy volume of visitor traffic and a variety of mobility aids.

Custom Design Services

Whatever design challenge you’re facing, we can solve it.

Not all entrances are created equal. Unique situations tend to make finding the right automatic door difficult. Fortunately, CFS is up to the task. We will design a custom automatic entrance for you that functions exactly as you wish. It will allow easy access and egress, keep your business secure during off hours, and blend in attractively with the building style.

Customized possibilities that CFS offers include:

  • Automatic sliding or swinging doors
  • Concealed automatic doors
  • Wireless solutions

Just say the word, and we’ll map out a sketch on AutoCAD for your approval.

Electronic Hardware and Component Options

If you require a turnkey package of automated entrance installation and services from CFS Canada, we are happy to comply.

We can supply and integrate any of the following components:

  •  doors in an assortment of materials — including hollow metal, wood, aluminum, or glass
  • frames made of wood or hollow metal — which may be fire-rated or non-fire rated
  • automatic door openers — such as motion and safety sensors, touchless openings, and fully automatic openings
  • electronic hardware — magnetic or electrified locks, emergency exit “panic bars,” electric strikes, and power transfer loops
  • mechanical hardware — this includes easy-to-open lever handles, safety door closers, hinges, and mechanical panic bars

Additional Door and Accessibility Services


Automatic entrance installation is the first step. However, to ensure that your building continues to be truly accessible to all, the doors must be kept in top condition. CFS Canada provides you with ongoing automatic door repair and preventative maintenance.

Our service will help you eliminate potential problems before they develop, minimize downtime due to repairs in progress, and maintain your warranty’s validity.

Schedule regular inspection and tuneups, or call for assistance as needed. Whichever route you take, our mobile technician will quickly arrive at your premises in a vehicle well stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment.

Building Codes and the AODA

Of course, you want your building to be open to everyone. It’s good for business, and it’s the right thing to do. But there’s an important consideration – compliance with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). CFS Canada will help ensure that you meet all the requirements of the Act.

As an Ontario company ourselves, we are very familiar with the AODA and we follow its provisions carefully in our work. Turn to CFS for an on-site inspection and evaluation. Find out from us exactly what action you need to take to become compliant, and how to accomplish it successfully.

About CFS Canada in Burlington

CFS Canada front

Founded in 2001 in Ottawa, CFS remains a proudly Canadian owned and operated company. We have served the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since 2018 from our new Hamilton location.

As a specialist in the accessibility industry, CFS Canada creates cutting-edge solutions that meet your accessible entrance and egress needs. Our in-house design, fabrication, and assembly capabilities result in a fast turnaround for your project with an individualized approach. In addition, we also offer installation, wiring, integration, and ongoing maintenance services, to provide you with a “one-stop-shop” … all at very competitive prices!

While at your site, our courteous and skilled technicians will install your new automatic doors. Installation is completed efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business routine. Our techs pay attention to every detail, from setting up the door frame to painting the door itself. Our project reporting system is designed to keep you informed of their progress.

For the ultimate in convenience and time savings, choose our turnkey project management plan. This comprehensive option allows you to work with our well-established professional network of architects, contractors, and manufacturers.

Whatever the scope or size of your project, we will handle it with our signature customer service-driven approach. Our motto? We believe in effortless access for everyone.

Reach out to us today for all of your automatic doors and barrier-free solutions