You want your building to be open to all - you also want to make sure your building meets the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliance requirements. CFS Canada can help you.

How Can You Help Me Meet the Requirements?

CFS Canada specializes in:

  • Designing barrier-free openings for your buildings, including buildings with architectural challenges.
  • Providing ongoing repairs and maintenance services to ensure your automatic openings and door operators are working. Your building will stay accessible when you’re open, and secure when you’re not.
  • Walking you through accessibility compliance guidelines to ensure your building and your staff are all on the same page.

You can ask us any questions you have about accessibility compliance when we meet to plan out your installation. We’d be happy to answer them.

About the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Our operations are based out of Ottawa and Hamilton, Ontario. We are thoroughly informed about AODA compliance and the Ontario Building Code.

The AODA was introduced in 2005 with the goal of a completely accessible Ontario by the year 2025.

Amendments to the Ontario Building Code were made in 2013 in accordance with the AODA. These amendments enhanced accessibility requirements in newly constructed buildings and extensive renovations.

For example, to achieve AODA compliance, your automatic opening must:

  • Have wider doorways
  • Comply with additional operator requirements
  • Have clear, unobstructed accessible paths to and from automatic entrances
  • Have audible and visual call to assist emergency alarms in barrier-free and universal washrooms
  • Provide barrier-free access between floors

These are just a few examples of requirements your automatic openings must follow. Applying these requirements successfully is where we can help the most.

We start with a careful inspection and recommendation for your building. We’ll tell you what criteria you have to meet, and what products and solutions will help your building be 100% accessible. This can be done on a door-by-door, department-by-department, or floor-by-floor basis. We offer long term accessibility project roll outs for all facilities regardless of their size.

Please note: These AODA compliance requirements were put in place as of January 2015 for new buildings or extensive renovations. They do not necessarily apply to retrofits or maintenance.

Barrier-Free is Good for Business

Did you know that:

Even if your building is older, these studies show that adding barrier-free automated entrances, openings, and washrooms are good for business.

About the Canadians with Disabilities Act

The AODA goes hand in hand with The Canadians with Disabilities Act, which is in place to increase opportunities and accessibility in Canada for people with disabilities.

Covered under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every individual in Canada deserves to be treated equally. This allows for programs and laws to better protect the rights of disadvantaged persons, including those with disabilities.

CFS Canada is committed to making sure that everyone in Canada can go everywhere – no exceptions.

Interested in Government funding? Learn about the accessibility grants and funds for Ontario businesses and if you qualify.