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The Importance of Hiring AAADM-Certified Companies

AAADM certified

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) exists to promote the safe installation and use of automatic doors. To fulfil this mission, the association offers thorough education and certification programs to qualified technicians.

CFS Canada is proud to partner with organizations such as AAADM. We invest in our employees and require that team members – from technicians and inspectors to estimators and sales – be AAADM-certified. This extra level of expertise allows CFS to provide the highest-quality installation, repair, and inspection of automatic doors.

Obtaining AAADM Certification

AAADM offers two certification options: the AAADM Certified Inspector Training Program and the AAADM Revolving Door Inspector Certification Program.

To qualify for either AAADM course, applicants must have worked within an associated industry for a required amount of time and finished the AAADM member factory training course. In addition, to obtain AAADM Revolving Door Inspector Certification, a separate AAADM training course and written exam must be completed.

Once enrolled in a certification program, a small group of experts leads hands-on training exercises. Prospective inspectors also study (and must be able to explain fully) the provisions of strict industry safety standards.

Upon completion of training, an examination is held to prove a thorough understanding of the material taught. Certification must be renewed each year.

Proficiency and Safety Standard Compliance

AAADM recommends finding and retaining the services of AAADM-certified companies like CFS Canada.

As noted by the experts at AAADM, “When choosing an installer, it makes sense to use someone who has shown a commitment to you, who understands the latest standards, and who is capable of performing an inspection.”

Choosing to work with an AAADM-certified firm guarantees that your entrances comply with stringent standards, including those defined by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and the America National Standards Institute (ANSI).

For more complex projects, AAADM membership provides further value; it offers extensive resources through a large support network for its members. Unqualified companies lack proficiency, which leads to unusable entrances, safety concerns, costly repairs, and higher utility bills (should a door not seal properly).

Request AAADM-Certified Service

Above and beyond proper installation, automatic doors require daily safety checks and regular maintenance.

If you notice a door is damaged or not functioning properly, do not attempt to repair the door yourself. Contact CFS for AAADM-certified expertise.

CFS Canada designs, installs and services automatic entrances, from sliding doors to swinging doors, and helps you meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliance requirements. We also supply and custom-fit doors and frames to your entrance and fully integrate a wide range of mechanical door operators and hardware.

Our skilled staff, both technical and sales, have years of field experience and are trained to assess and present the best possible solutions. You’ll receive exceptional customer service from the point of inquiry through to the installation and maintenance of your automatic doors.

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