Are You Losing Customers? Check Out the Benefits of Accessibility in Business

Woman in chair using accessible bathroom

More than 15% of Ontarians report having a disability. This is a significant number – one business owners don’t often think about as a potential market.

But if you incorporate accessible practices and invest in universal, barrier-free design, you’ll be making improvements for both people with disabilities and your business.

1. You’ll Expand Your Consumer Market and Increase Your Revenue

1 in 6 Canadians has a disability of some kind. That means that for every 6 people who want to engage with your business, one may turn away, unable to enter your building or interact with you.

You could be missing out on 16.7% of potential business. This is a significant number, and a significant indicator of revenue loss, especially as the baby boomer generation age.

Even something as small as a narrow doorway, an inaccessible bathroom, or a tall curbside can affect who buys from you.

We’re also in an age where demonstrating social responsibility and awareness is key. 44% of Canadians make spending decisions based on whether or not a company is a good corporate citizen that demonstrates respect, inclusiveness, and care.

This percentage gets even bigger when you take into account global consumers.

By adding a ramp and accessibility technology to your brick-and-mortar store, or making your website and everything else you use to conduct business universally accessible, you can expand your market and gain an opportunity to increase your revenue.

Not only that, but you’ll gain a reputation for inclusivity, appealing to those Canadians who choose to engage with socially responsible companies.

If you’re looking for Government grants and funding regarding accessibility equipment, check out our list of Ontario accessibility funds for businesses.

2. You Can Hire the Best Employees Who Will Improve Your Business

A business that can’t hire individuals with disabilities is also limiting their pool of prospective employees.

Whether you’re a small single-location business or a large company, you know that the hunt for talent is tough. Statistically, employees with disabilities not only had fewer absences but also performed better at their jobs.

According to Accessibility Ontario:

  • 86% of disabled employees scored above average in attendance.
  • 90% scored average or above average for performance.
  • 97% scored average or above average on workplace safety.

They also report that companies who invest in accessible employment saw lower employee turnover, greater customer loyalty, and stronger competitive capabilities.

This is not only great for your business but your reputation in the community. It’s a win-win!

Start Your Path to Accessibility with Us

Accessibility in business is well worth the investment. You can make a start by contacting us – we can perform the design and installation of automatic entrances that will make your business physically accessible and safe for everyone.

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