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The Automatic Door Maintenance Checklist

Keep your business, customers and staff safe by downloading your copy of our Automatic Door Maintenance Checklist.

Automatic doors have become the standard for practically all publicly accessible business entrances. You are allowing people of all physical abilities to enter and exit without difficulty. But, what happens if you begin to experience malfunctions with your automatic door? You’ve locked out potential customers or clients as well as potentially not being compliant with building and accessibility code requirements.

Accessibility to your place of business is simply too important to leave up to chance. That’s why we have created this handy automatic door maintenance checklist for you and your staff to follow.

Download a PDF copy of the checklist here:

Daily Safety Checks

Note: If you’re experiencing malfunctions with your automatic door, turn it off and contact your CFS professional to inspect the issue. Do not attempt to fix the door on your own.

We recommend you review this maintenance checklist daily as part of a routine site check. Much better for you to find and assess issues in off-hours than to have a lineup of people stuck outside!

General Access:

  • Ensure there is a clear path to your entrance
    • Survey all paths that lead to the door and ensure they are clear of obstructions
    • Ensure any ramps or curb cuts are clean of dirt, debris, snow and ice buildup
    • Ensure access is well lit and marked and all lighting is working and functional
    • Ensure any access buttons are not obstructed by landscaping, plantings or promotional frames and banners.

Sensor Check: person-pushing-accessibility-button

  • Check the activation of the sensor
    • Physically approach the door from 4 feet away
    • Does the door react to your approach?
    • Does the door open smoothly and quickly?
  • Check the sensors safety mechanism
    • Stand in the doorway for 10 seconds
    • Does the door remain open?
    • If the door starts to close, does it reopen when met with resistance?
  • Check for any nearby objects
    • Ensure there are no obstructions in front of the door
    • Ensure there are no obstructions blocking any activation buttons
    • Ensure there is no snow or dirt buildup on the sensor itself
    • Clear away and garbage, posters or decorations that could be accidentally activating the sensor.

Door Check:

  • Examine the Glass and Frame of the door
    • Check for cracks, dents, or chips in the glass
    • Check for dents, twists or other damage to the frame
    • Ensure the top of the frame and sill plates are clear of dirt, debris, ice or salt
  • Check for smooth door operation
    • Does the door open and close smoothly through its entire range of motion?
    • Note any specific areas in the full range of travel that may be rough or uneven
    • Does the door close tightly and securely?
  • Check to ensure all door decals are placed securely on the side of the door
    • Take note of any missing or damaged decals
    • Decals that are worn or starting to fall off should be noted for replacement.

Once you complete the checklist, ensure that any identified issues are dealt with as soon as possible. If you need assistance, request a free quote or contact us for more information.

It is your responsibility to ensure safe and secure access for all Canadians. Learn more details on building codes and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requirements.

Experiencing Issues? We Deliver Solutions

Completing an automatic door maintenance checklist should be a part of your daily maintenance and cleanliness checks. If you find any issues with your doors reach out to our Service Department in Ottawa at 613-224-3939 or our Hamilton office at 905-627-3339.

With 15 years of experience, CFS Canada has quickly become the leader in commercial sliding and swinging door manufacturing, repair and installation around the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region. Learn more about our work and request a quote today!

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