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6 Hands-Free Door Openers You Should Consider For Your Business


Now that restrictions are beginning to lift in Canada, businesses in the Great White North are slowly opening their doors to the public. But as a business, what are you doing to maintain a germ-safe environment? Customers need to be reassured that they’re shopping or working in a COVID-free atmosphere.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of hands-free technology that stops the spread of germs. But maybe, you’re looking for something a little less expensive and easy to install? Then look no further than our selection of manual, hands-free door openers.

By installing hands-free door openers, you’re benefiting your business by:

  • Creating a safe, COVID-free work/store environment
  • Having to spend less money on more advanced technology
  • Spending less time installing the opener

Here are 6 foot/arm pulls you should consider for your business:

Foot Pulls

Foot Pull

Although this foot pull looks like half the mouth of iconic Bond villain, Jaws, it gets the job done. This foot pull is made out of stainless steel and easy to install. A handy feature of this pull is that it can be opened using two different motions. One is by placing your foot on the top jaw-like grip and pulling the door open, the other is by putting your shoe underneath and pulling.

Door Holder/Foot Pull

This combination Door Holder and Foot Pull is a cast brass pull that works as both a foot pull and door holder. To pull open, place your shoe on the strike found at the bottom of the door. To keep the door open, swing the door to the adjacent wall and mount the strike to the holder installed on the wall.


Arm Pulls

Hand/Arm Pull

This pull is a comfortable hands-free attachment that acts as both a hand and arm pull. Located at the top is a handle for those to pull on with their hand. At the bottom, a hook to allow your arm to open the door and prevent hand contact. This hand/arm pull is made out of cast brass and stainless steel.

Arm Pull

The beauty of this arm pull is there’s no reason to uninstall your pre-existing door pull. This stainless steel arm pull can conveniently be placed above the door handle.

Arm Pull

Similar to the above arm pull, this version has a thinner stainless steel pull. Both a retrofit or stand-alone solution, this pull provides a simple way to open a door without your hands.

Arm Pull with Plate

This upside-down arm pull is an efficient way to open doors without your hands. A small groove is found inside the pull to keep your arm comfortable.

Install Your Hands-Free Door Opener

If you’re in need of a hands-free door opener, request a quote with us. At CFS Canada, our team of professionals are quick and efficient, providing you with knowledge and a fast installation. Give us a call at 613-224-3939 or 905-627-3339 for a free quote.

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